About Startup Excel

Why did we start StartupExcel ?

Many years ago I became an investment banker. I had to learn to be an expert in PowerPoint and Excel pronto.

I bought books, spent hours on forums and complex models. I found that the basics were easy, but when there was one thing you needed to do, it could end up in days wasted.

Screw that. Fast forward a decade and I LOVE Excel! But it was a hard journey.

I run a lot of businesses to help people solve problems and Excel was something I got a lot of questions about.

As I got busier, I started hiring a lot of consultants to delegate work to and marvelled at how much more productive it made me!

I'm a world expert at financial models for startups, but there are things I am terrible at! You simply can't know it all! VBA for example, I am terrible. I found a great developer and what took me weeks was done in a day. Wow.

I want the same for you. Focus on what you are great at and for everything else, there is StartupExcel.

Lovely to meet you!

My name is Alexander Jarvis. I'm the founder of StartupExcel. So, who is this cheeky chappy?

In corporate land, I've worked in top tier M&A buying and selling multi-billion insurance and asset management companies in Europe. I've also worked in venture capital investing in early stage companies in South East Asia and India.

I've been an entrepreneur since a child and bootstrapped a number of companies. I've also built very large, billion dollar plus companies in Asia Pacific.

I founded 50Folds.com to venture build startups and an [anti] accelerator.

I mentor across a number of top accelerators in both Asia and Europe, and whole lot of founders who reach out to me for help.

I run a blog to help founders called alexanderjarvis.com. There are a tonne of resources you should use!

I've also done all the talking stuff like Tedx, but that's lame, so not going there. I'll just say I have a sincere interest in people achieving their dreams and hope I can help you too.

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On behalf of the team, I thank you for spending time considering working with us and we look forward to serving you. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. We're friendly (after coffee) 😉