Excel can be a nightmare when it's not working for you. There are all sorts of ways to increase your productivity, but you need to be an expert.

You don't need to be an expert when you have us, though.

Upload your model or tell us what you want built. Our team of specialists get to work on getting you the result you want. Fixed pricing from just €79 per task with satisfaction guaranteed.

Looking for serious help? We can even build a model for you from scratch.

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Did you know that almost any tedious task can be automated and dramatically increase your productivity?

Email  report

Send a KPI summary every Friday from a Google Sheet


Create a beautiful reporting dashboard with charts and KPIs


If you have built a model that doesn't work, we can audit it and fix any errors

If you can imagine it, there's a great chance we can deliver it.

Stuck with a formula, making a dashboard or proper reporting? We can cover it all.

Data mapping

Combine multiple data sheets from different systems to you can analyse your data at once


Get a functioning P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statement

Pivot tables

Summarise a large amount of data into a pivot table

Good design tells your boss a lot

We can format your Excel models with your corporate format.

Drag the slider to see before and after example of deck design.


Unattractive with misleading font colors.


Premium, consistent formatting that communicates your message clearly and giving an air of professionalism.

A team of Excel nerds

Sure, there are people who are great at Excel that can do a lot of things. You probably know someone in the office... only you can't keep bothering them. No one can do everything though. That's why you need a team.

We have not only generalists but specialists that can cover whatever you can think of. That even includes doing some pretty complicated maths, data science or connecting databases.

That's why we are different

We understand business too

StartupExcel was founder by a business nerd that loves Excel and builds complex models for fun.

If you are looking to undertake larger projects, we can advise what actually makes sense commercially and even if there is a SaaS tool you might be better of renting instead.

We know what we are doing

We've helped hundreds of companies over the years. It's hard to not pick up a trick or twenty.

You want delightful results and to get back to more interesting things

Tl;dr: You send, we fix, you use it

Upload your Excel file. We guarantee results.

Whether there is something you need coded from scratch, or you have a file you want improved, we have you covered.

Simply message us with details on your task (and the file if you have one). Our team will review it and confirm how much it will cost to ship it to you pronto.

Your task will be assigned to the best person on the team.

Each task is reviewed by another member of the team to make double sure everything meets your high expectations.

Within a week, you will have your work completed. Yes, we can ship faster if you need it and it can be technically completed.

Affordable price, no hidden fees. From €79 per task.

We know times may be lean, so our prices are super competitive. Whether you just need something simple, or a huge and complicated macro, we have you covered.

Everything needs to get done, so your dedicated account manager and hard-working specialists will amaze you with our efficient process. You get an instant quote after so you know exactly what it costs.

Our team only does one thing. Excel

Our consultants aren't kids. We know Excel with decades of experience under our belts.

The team all have speciality skills too though, so if you need some data science work, advanced analytics etc, we can serve you.

We're also honest. In the rare instance where we can't do something we will tell you so your time isn't wasted. Ain't nobody got time for that.

We deliver happiness (guaranteed).
100% of our customers recommend our service.

We've been doing Excel a long time so we know what we are doing. Our customers love the result of this.

We know our work can help you get promoted or build a stronger startup, so we take it seriously. Treat us as a partner in your business success.

Your Excel is completely confidential and secure.

The foundation of our business is based on trust and total confidentiality. No one would work with us if we shared your material!

If you are sharing technical details, or are just super cautious, we are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you on request. No worries!

All data you communicate to us is via SSL, encrypted channels.

Great, let's do it!